Friday, November 25, 2011

An Incident at Del Taco

Today I went to Del Taco for lunch with Ben and our good friend Clark. I was enjoying a Macho Taco when I swallowed a bite wrong. I had a piece of the Taco shell stuck in my throat. Ben and I both reached for the drink at the same time, he just happened to be thirsty and I was possibly choking to death. Well Ben thinks that I'm just trying to block him from getting a drink and proceeds to fight me for it. While Clark laughs at us being so silly. I can't even explain why I'm fighting so hard for the drink because I'm choking so badly. Anyway Ben eventually gave up and let me have the drink, thank goodness. After I explained to them I was choking and they were like "oh we thought you were just being silly or weird".
This gives me a few things to think about;
First, when I make jokes do my facial expressions resemble that of a person who is choking to death...
Second, maybe I joke around to much. I've been wondering if people take me seriously less often than not.
Thirdly, I've decided that the $1.50 Ben and I save by sharing a drink may not be worth it... meh I'm probably still to cheep to buy two drinks.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE this post! 1.) I don't think your face looks like you are choking. 2.) I totally take you seriously and 3.) might want to get your own drink for health & safety purposes. Love you! :)