Monday, April 12, 2010

My Art

This weekend Krista and I did some painting. Krista had these really cool pens that draw like markers and then when you run water over them they act like water color paints. I loved them, they are very fun and easy to use. I will definitely be getting some of those pens for myself.

For inspiration I found a picture of a stained glass window. I loved the colors. I'm really digging light and bright right now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Benika Photo Shoot.

Ben and I had a little photo shoot out in the front yard last month. Here are the results.
This is Ben's office phone book shot.
Note the sexy way his nostrils flare.
Just putting out the vibe.
I like this picture, even though I look a little startled.

Check SpellingBecause I've got to have some pictures of myself when I'm not dressed up like a pirate or a leprechaun Ben and I did a quick photo shoot, just us, the way we look on a normal everyday. What will our children think of us if all we have to show from our twenties are crazy dress up party pictures. Looking back at 2009 we had some awesome albums; leprechaun party, pirate party, 5K in a parrot costume (Ben went Gothic that day), Floating in the Great Salt Lake, Dodge ball (Ben went as the Amish Marauder and I went in an awesome hot pink number), Halloween as a witch and a wizard and even Canadian Thanksgiving (a feast of 100 hot dogs). I realized that we really don't have much documented proof that we are normal people. And so here you have it, those two look pretty normal, wouldn't you say.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Last night I went to Zumba. I haven’t been to the gym in a couple months and I think I’ve reached a new low. It was a really hard work out. I kept thinking this is too hard, I used to feel good when I worked out, now I feel out of breath and my knees hurt. While I worked out I was looking around the room and I couldn’t help comparing myself to the beautifully fit women. I thought about how our bodies are a gift to us. I felt really bad that I had let myself go. I have not done a good job of caring for my body. I have not shown my gratitude for such a wonderful gift. I’ve felt bad about being out of shape before but it’s never struck me so profoundly that I am the care taker of this body, this body that is a gift to me. I felt like a spoiled child who doesn’t care for the things they are given. This time I didn’t feel bad because of my size or fitness level I felt bad because I was not thankful for my body.
I’m working at it. Yesterday was definitely interesting though. I seriously had to fight back the tears while I worked out. How embarrassing would that have been to have a full on melt down at the gym.
After Zumba, Coco and I went to my house and watched Moulin Rouge. And that made everything a little bit better. So glad I have good friends who like to watch cheesy movies with me. I had not watched that movie in years and I still love it. It's a chick flick for sure but it's a little bit corky and weird, which is perfect for a girl like me.

Monday, April 5, 2010

LDS Rock Star

Totally gave into temptation this morning and bought a Rock Star on the way to work. And what do you think comes up while I’m sitting at my desk indulging myself… The lady who sits next to me who is not LDS starts asking about conference. Hopefully being somewhat of a Jack Mormon makes me more approachable. Thank goodness for repentance, eh. Hope you all had a happy conference weekend. Despite the fact that I’m drinking a Rock Star, I have to say that this conference was very inspiring and uplifting.