Sunday, April 11, 2010

Benika Photo Shoot.

Ben and I had a little photo shoot out in the front yard last month. Here are the results.
This is Ben's office phone book shot.
Note the sexy way his nostrils flare.
Just putting out the vibe.
I like this picture, even though I look a little startled.

Check SpellingBecause I've got to have some pictures of myself when I'm not dressed up like a pirate or a leprechaun Ben and I did a quick photo shoot, just us, the way we look on a normal everyday. What will our children think of us if all we have to show from our twenties are crazy dress up party pictures. Looking back at 2009 we had some awesome albums; leprechaun party, pirate party, 5K in a parrot costume (Ben went Gothic that day), Floating in the Great Salt Lake, Dodge ball (Ben went as the Amish Marauder and I went in an awesome hot pink number), Halloween as a witch and a wizard and even Canadian Thanksgiving (a feast of 100 hot dogs). I realized that we really don't have much documented proof that we are normal people. And so here you have it, those two look pretty normal, wouldn't you say.

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